ALL GASES - Spectro use Argon & food grade Nitrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, D.A, Hydrogen, Argon, Helium, Carbon-Di-Oxide, Calibration Gases And Special Gases.
GAS RELATED SPARES - Single Stage And Double Stage Regulators For All Gases, All Gas Cylinders & Related Accessories, Blow-Pipe Torches, Cryogenic Long Stem Valves, Cutting Torches, Electric Arch Welding Machines, Fine Control Valve & Regulators, Flash Back Arrestors, Flexible Connections- TP: 250 Kg/Cm2, Gas Compressors And Related Spares, Gas Control Valves, Gas Flow Meters, Gas Leak Detectors, Gas Manifolds, Gas Meters, Gas Safety Devices, Gas Trains For Pressure Reducing Stations, Liquid Cryogenic Containers For All Gases, LPG Related All Spares, MIG Welding Machine, Neoprine, Non Return Valve, On Line Regulator/ Flowmeter, Pigtail Connections, Pressure Gauges, Pressure Safety Valve, Pressure/ Temperature Switches, PSA Nitrogen Plant, Rupture Disk, Shut Off Valve, Silicone And Nitrile Rubber, Special Gas Fittings, Spindle Key And Spanners, Temperature Gauges, Welding Cables, Welding Electrodes, Welding Shields Products For Industrial Use.
MEDICAL OXYGEN AND NITROUS OXIDE GASES - All Related Accessories Used In Hospitals.
FIRE EXTINGUISHERS - For All New Supply, Spares And Refilling, Accessories For Fire Hydrant System And Fire Detection Systems.
SAFETY EQUIPMENTS - Shoes, Gloves, Helmet, Mask Fire Bucket, Siren, Axe, Hose Box, Hose Reel, Water Foam Monitor And Sign Board.

SPECIAL - We are also leading suppliers of medical gas equipment, including vacuum plant, medical air plant, AGS plant, Manifolds and components as per ISI Standards with complete installation, maintenance & training program.
QUALITY POLICY - We are committed to client satisfaction in terms of quality through continuous improvement.
BUSINESS - Our business is to deliver the highest level of satisfaction to our customer to all those concern.
SUPPLY - We provide everything in gases.